Homecoming Then VS. Now

Written by Hayleigh Clark

Homecoming has come along way from the peace of the 1970’s to the proposals of our generation. The  dresses were longer and the hair was bigger! Let’s take a look from then to now!

          The 70’s 

“Make love not war.” This was the motto of the decade during the seventies. By love they clearly mean the love of hairspray and gloves. Look at the pictures above and you’ll know what I am talking about.. Yikes!

                                              The 80’s


Perms were the 80’s idea of the infamous curling wand. Dresses were long but not quite floor length. More skin showed and it was all about the color and sparkles!  If they really wanted to they could probably use somebody’s dress for their  very own, ‘original’ disco ball. The 80’s version of DIY’s…Eww             

                                                                                      The 90’s 


The 90’s wasn’t so much bang-pow anymore like the 70’s and 80’s. Dramatic changes were made. During the 90’s, homecoming was more toned down. Although still glamorous they stopped using 5 bottles of hairspray to give it volume and replaced it with “baby-hair bangs” at least to the point where you could still see their forehead. Dresses had changed too. Short dresses were added to the equation, you could wear either or and still look cute. It was crunk! It’s lame, but believe it or not, that’s what they used to say.

The 2000’s and Now 

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Now, our generation is all about the homecoming and prom proposals. It’s so sweet and cute! For the ones getting asked.. Anyways, dresses have become shorter and definitely more skin than the throwbacks we just went over. It’s not a bad thing but a little “risque”, The proposals are so cute though, they literally did not exist in the 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s until our generation and the millennials stepped in and kicked it up a notch or two. And now it’s not just couples going with each other, the groups are big. Groups now can range from something like five people to twenty!

Overall, the generations of the 2000’s have upped the standards for the kids after us. It’s going to be hard to top princess homecoming proposals and superhero shirts under our dates button-up.

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