Top 10 Cutest Ways To Be Asked To Homecoming

Written by Hannah Elliott

It’s now October, which means homecoming is coming up. Now is the perfect time to ask your crush out in a really unique way, or maybe just your best friend. Either way, if you need some inspiration, read down below to find the perfect way for you. (Please note: there is not a 100% guarantee that these will work)

#1: A cute stuffed bear makes for a good proposal…


#2: But maybe dogs are more their style.


#3: Use their favorite candy for a sweet surprise.


#4: Personalize your homecoming proposal by using their name.


#5: If they are a disney fan, throw in a reference. Add cookies for an even better result.


#6: Everyone wants to feel like royalty, so calling your date a prince/princess is a cute way to propose.


#7: If there is a certain animal they really like, you can make a cute pun with it.


#8: Most people have a show they really like to watch, so most people would say yes if you use their fandom in your proposal.


#9: If they are into music, take one of their favorite bands/ artists and put them on your poster.


#10: Pizza. Need I say more?


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