Feed The Review: Supernatural

Written by Hannah Elliott and Kayla Earley

Supernatural has been running for over a decade, and is currently working on season 12. The two main characters, Sam and Dean Winchester, were born into the family demon hunting business. Sammy decides he doesn’t want to take part in the business, yet is forced back into his past when Dean comes out of nowhere to tell him that their dad hasn’t returned from his hunting trip. The boys then go around the country to battle demons and other supernatural monsters and save the world.

We are both avid fans of this show, as I (Hannah) have been watching for quite awhile and inflicted the suffering onto Kayla. This was technically my first fandom and I have been keeping up with it for at least 5 years (Thanks mom). This show never fails to cheer me up when I’m sad, thanks to all the inside jokes between the brothers. My favorite character is Sam, because I relate more to him. I am the (smarter) younger sibling of 2, I read a lot, and I am terrified of clowns. If I had to pick a favorite episode, it would be S01E05, “Bloody Mary”. It’s a perfect introduction to the show, and is still my go to episode. Although it may just be a show to some, it’s a second family to me.

While Hannah has been watching the show for many years, I (Kayla), started at the end of the summer. I had watching many shows throughout the summer, but Supernatural has been my favorite besides Chuck and Psych. I am only halfway done with season six, so I still don’t have a favorite brother or character in general. While that is true, one of my all time favorite episodes in S04E06, “Yellow Fever”. Dean gets the fever which makes him jittery and panicked. This is the complete opposite of how he usually acts so it is a hilarious episode. Another funny episode is “Changing Channels”, S05E08.

The show is a hilarious way to spend time where you get to escape the real world and help the brothers hunt demons and other random creatures that harm people. Supernatural is more than a show, but a whole new family that you can join any time you want.

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