The Most Cliche Halloween Costumes

Written by Shelby Nix and Savion Williams

  1. The classic vintage vampire costume is a quick, last minute ensemble to put on when you have completely no idea of what you should pretend to be as for Halloween. This costume you will see every single year by at least someone, I promise.vampire-costumes-for-kids
  2. Another version of the cliched vampire costume, just because it’s a different type doesn’t mean it’s a whole different costume. Just avoid any vampire-type costumes at all costs. Everyone uses a classic sheet ghost.                                                                             sheet-ghost
  3. Girls, usually younger ones, love to play as the witch. Could it possibly be the Wizard of Oz that made the role so popular? Nevertheless, the witch costume also has to be the next to go. You shouldn’t be sad, the hats were outlandish anyway. toddler-black-witch-costume-c
  4. Superheros, they may not have to wear a cape, but either way – both of these ideas are really overused. Avoid any superhero costumes at all cost! Especially the most known ones (ie: Superman, Batman).                                            super-hero
  5. Just like the vampire costume, you should always shun any superhero-type costumes as this idea IS the most thought of one ever in the history of Halloween costumes. Zombies are always easy but very overused. zombie-kids-costume-cx-801130

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