FBLA Perry Fair Perspective

Written by Ayanna Newberry

You wake up, grab your device and wonder what can I learn from going to the fair ? I had an amazing time on this FBLA trip. It was informative and had a great learning environment as well. During the trip the FBLA members first go to an auditorium to listen to an inspirational speaker and congratulate students that placed well in an category they participated in. The speaker, Alex, gave informative advice. Alex began to speak about his life and some of the struggles he has faced. Alex told how he got to where he is today, and he wanted us to remember this “Do it because you said you were.” He shared with us how this quote was important to him, because of how it keeps him pushing, and always trying to be better.

After the speaker finished speaking, the members were released to go enjoy the rides. The members also had to take a pretest for regions before they left the fair. This test was taken by all members so that they would be prepared for what the test would look like when it’s time for actual regions. When 4 o’clock came all the fun was coming to the end, and the group of FBLA members headed back to the ‘Burg. Overall, we had a great experience at the 2016 State Fair in Perry, Georgia.

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