FBLA Golf Tournament

On October 3, FBLA had its first social gathering at the All American Fun Park. There was to be a golf tournament between the FBLA members.

The members split into groups of 3 to 4 and took turns putting throughout the course. The winner would be the person who scored the highest in total.

Along with the golf tournament, there was also a “Best Dressed” competition. The winner would be the person who dressed best like a golfer.

After all the groups completed the course, the cards were given to the teachers who tallied up the points. In the end, the female winner of the golf tournament was Keri Russell and the male winner was Nick Barlow. The winner of the best dressed competition was Chandler Albert.

Each contestant, winner or not, received a golf tee. The winners won a toilet scrubber (it was a gag gift), numerous golf tees, and a McDonald’s gift card.

Winners or not, each contestant had a good time playing and bonding with their club members.

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