The Knights at Dawn

Written by Hayleigh Clark

Friday, September 30 2016, I went to go watch the Knights at Dawn at the Lee County High School. The play was based off of the Magic Tree House series. The majority of the actors/actresses ranged from ages 6-10. The play was very captivating considering the children are so young. They stayed very composed and in character which went above my expectations because, again, the said children were so young. The play was so real to me when Jack and Annie (main characters) went off stage to the house (location where the audience resides) to enact a scene it made it feel weird because i was sitting front row to get the best of the play and when they jumped off the stage, it felt unreal because they were so in-tune with their characters. The jester was by far my favorite. She stood out among the rest if the characters. Hearing her accent, you could tell it was really well practiced. She did not miss any lines and had a great singing voice. The play was over-all besides the characters that giggled here or there or looked directly at a person in the audience, was spectacular. The knights at Dawn was truly a well-directed play.

Director: Dotty Davis

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