August Teacher of the Month

Written by Christina Wynn

The teacher of the month for August is Mrs.Venecia Lowry. Mrs.Lowry teaches ninth grade biology and freshman focus. She is the teacher of the month because she “always going above and beyond for her students” and is a “true example of a great teacher” commented by Mrs. Pat Edwards. Mrs. Edwards also commented that Mrs.Lowry “exhibits great work ethic daily.”

While interviewing, Mrs.Lowry she informed that she has “been teaching in Lee County for 3 years, but previously taught in a private school for about 7 years.” Mrs. Lowry claimed that if she wasn’t a teacher she would would might have something to do with the medical field. Mrs.Lowry went on saying that the most important lesson she has learned and is still learning is “not to stress so much”. As many of people have learned the same lesson throughout their lifetimes.

Concluding the interview, Mrs.Lowry finished with her favorite unit to teach in Biology is Genetics. Alexis Smith and Mason Foster who are in Mrs.Lowry’s class both say that she is a “nice lady and gives plenty of second chances”. Mrs.Lowry definitely deserves August teacher of the month.

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