Starbucks in Albany?

Written by Savion Williams

Starbucks has finally arrived to the “Good Life City”, Albany. Lots of optimistic reviews have already begun to roll in for the coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, light bites, and WiFi availability. I have taken it upon myself to see what all the buzz was about for a fresh, modern chain to appear to a more “slow-paced” environment such as Albany. Others have also expressed their joy about their favorite city becoming more appealing to general audiences.

Monday, September 19th, I decided to head out with my two sisters to the trendy cafe. When disembarking from our grey Ford truck the aroma of oven fresh bread escaped from the doors which were held open by an employee. My first impression of the exterior and interior design were nothing but fascination, and wonderment. The vibe that I was getting from the store was relatively laid-back, which is actually nice since it’s a lounge-type place. I find myself and my sisters a seat at a long bar near the front of the door where I could see all that was happening around me; from the windows outside and to the employees preparing food and beverages. We gaze around for a little bit as it is our first visit – so we take a moment to take in our surrounding.

 To be honest, the windows are actually only useful to bring in light to illuminate the store, if you are expecting a beautiful view of Albany, I’m sorry to disappoint you but it’s really nothing extravagant. But with time I believe that there will be changes and the outside view will be more pleasing to the eye (if they add more buildings and maybe even plant life – or they could possibly add plant life around the store to make up for the lack of scenery).

This is like any other lounge-type shop or fast food restaurant where you must walk up to the cashier and order your food, and if you don’t prefer that option you have the choice of going through the drive-thru for a faster service and staying the comfortability of your car. However, if you prefer to sit inside, relax with friends, enjoy the free WiFi and finish due assignments, you’d most likely want to go inside.

At this time we finally decide to rise from our seats together and actually order something instead of glancing down at our phones and being unproductive with the time we’ve spent there already. I decide to go with the Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino and the Spicy Chipotle Sandwich, even though I personally am not a fan of fiery foods, I decide to give it a chance. We sit back in our seats and take advantage of the free WiFi and tables and begin working on assignments which is really convenient with the waiting time and just an overall great feeling to work in a stress free environment.

“Say-vee-en?” the barista calls out filled with doubt. I hop out of my seat to take both items and stroll back to my seat and just brush off the mispronunciation. I first try the Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino which not surprisingly sweet and fruity. My only complaint is that, since I’m more of a Joe Muggs person, is I wish it was more creamy instead of liquid, however with that aside the beverage is undeniably delicious and couldn’t wait to take another sip. Next I take a bite into the Spicy Chipotle Sandwich, trying to have an open mind as once again, not a fan of spicy foods. To also no surprise, it was a little too spicy for my taste buds but the sandwich itself is amazing. The bread is flaky and a bit crunchy which compliments the rest of the sandwich.

I begin to wrap up my sandwich and finish the rest of my drink as I notice my phone reads 7 PM, which is about the time the sky changes from light blue to orange. We cheerfully leave Starbucks with no negative things to say about it.

In summary, my experience with Starbucks was quite enjoyable, there are no real complaints except the lack of scenery and feel of the atmosphere. the food and drink was on point as expected for such such a famous chain. With expectations high for Starbucks, the outcome was amazing. If you’ve enjoyed previous Starbucks in different areas you’ll surely love this one. If you’re seeking a chill place to socialize with friends or maybe finish any assortment of work without stress, Starbucks is a cool place to visit to satisfy your needs.


Photo Credits: Hilton Garden Inn

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