7 Reasons You’ll Make it Through the School Year

Written by Emily Meneses

School. A somewhat of an awful predicament we students face about every day, minus the weekends and several breaks, only adds up to a measly 180 days.


Honestly, right before school first started, I thought my freshman year was going to be a breeze…

Day One proved to be a day of untruth, for I learned my 2016-17 year was headed to be one of torture. I’m pretty sure most of my peers would agree with me.

Now, having climbed just about most of the hurdles high school has so far presented to me, I think it is time to confront the truth…

We are all going to make it through this school year, and here are seven reasons why:

Reason #1:

You have already survived almost two whole months of school

Let’s face it, we all thought our hopes for an awesome freshman year were going to crash and burn after Day One. The tons of work due the next day as well as the amount of material to be covered in the following weeks was quite unreal, not only to me, but also most of my peers. Then, this cool thing called time travel happened, and now eight more months of prison camp school doesn’t seem as bad because we’re settling into a routine, which leads me to…

Reason #2:

By now, you should have established a routine

Okay, most of us should have a pretty well-laid foundation of our day. This includes the multiple shortcuts we take in order to arrive to and from our lockers, as well as the exact table we sit at everyday at lunch, to those shortcuts we take to get faster to class (and even have some time to stop and chat with your besties). We couldn’t have perfectly timed our departures and arrivals without…

Reason #3:

The newly implemented “One Minute Warning” bell

Remember that announcement that would always come on right before the bell rang prior to each class? “Students, this is your one minute warning,” came to be known as the “One Minute Warning” bell. It was a big help for all of us, because in reality, none of us had any sense of whether or not we were going to make it to class in time. Apparently, so many teachers agreed, they decided to lend us a hand…

Reason #4:

Teachers are trying really hard to help you- even if you don’t want to acknowledge it

Yeah, it was mainly your teachers who advocated for your own good. That is not the only time though. Everyday, my (honors) teachers talk about tutoring, quiz retakes, extra credit, study guides, tips on studying, etc., etc., but that is just honors classes. What about academic-level classes? Surely those teachers provide their students with more than enough opportunities to succeed in their class. It kind of proves that they are always behind their students, but then again, not always…

Reason #5:

You have more freedoms

Compared to all of our middle school years, high school seems so much more laid-back pertaining to the amount of freedoms we have. Several examples include locker breaks, travel in the halls (i.e. not walking in two’s- though I do agree that the school has pretty narrow halls), sitting anywhere at lunch, and also technology during our lunch period (something previous students could not indulge in). Though these may not (or may) be all the freedoms we have, they have allowed for students to step out of their comfort zone and interact with new people…

Reason #6:

Many new friendships have sparked since Day One

With two totally different school zones merging into one for the first time in 9-ish years, I thought there was going to be a bit of turmoil between the two. Now, the labels ‘East’ and ‘West’ barely matter anymore, for the Class of 2020 finally (seems) to be holding up to one title, uniting as Freshmen. What I am seeing  these days  is some sort of compromise between the groups. This compromise is basically one of the major aspects of high school life- new friendships! Students have been really good about this, for I see a lot of West and East campus kids coming together, as if years of separation have not broken a pre-existing bond. These friendships are probably going to last for a while, and many students are planning their vacations with their new bestie…

Reason #7:

Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, and Winter Break are all right around the corner

Guys, with these many days off school, the end of the first semester seems to be coming closer and closer. In no time, May will be here, and we’ll be leaving the 9th Grade Campus as Sophomores, ready to hit the Main Campus with our hardest and our best.

Well, that’s about it. I’ll give you some time to contemplate what you just read, but let’s be honest…: Facts are facts, and there is definitely enough information to back them up, proving the seven reasons you’ll make it through the school year.
Best of luck, Class of 2020!

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