New Cheddar’s Restaurant hits Albany

Written by Jessica Stuckey

Albany has been expecting many new and exciting changes to the city. New restaurants, new stores, even a new hospital.

One of the most anticipated of these changes is the casual cafe, Cheddar’s. When it first opened on September 5th, the place was packed and lines reached outside the building.

According to WALB, Β Albany’s Cheddar’s set a record for the “highest opening week sales of any of the chains 10 [Cheddar’s] locations in Georgia.” That’s pretty impressive! And the lines aren’t showing signs of disappearing any time soon.

I have only been to the Albany restaurant once (since the wait is so long!), however, for the time that I was there, the service was great. Almost constantly, a waitress was stopping by to check up on us despite all the bustle.

Now, of course, there is going to be a long wait, but for a good reason! Cheddar’s wide range of food choices and low prices make it so lovable. After the long wait, it’s all worth it when the waiter places your plate in front of you.

However, just like every other restaurant there are flaws. For example, this past visit, I ordered the chicken fried steak. In all honesty, it wasn’t the best, but that Although my mom order the chicken pot pie and it was phenomenal.

We are so excited that our beloved new addition to Albany has finally arrived. I know I am deffinitely looking forward to making new memories around the table at Cheddar’s.

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