Snapchat Filters We Want

Written by Mallory Gleaton

Snapchat really stepped up its game when they came out with filters that make everybody either look good or laugh. The hilarious and flawless filters make Snapchat better than it already was. These are some filters that I think Snapchat should create:

  • Mermaid Filter- This filter would use mermaid themed colors like purple, blue, and green. Your face would be transformed to make you look like a mermaid. When you open your mouth, air bubbles would come out making it seem like you are underwater.
  • Medusa Filter- This filter would, as the title of it says, make you look like Medusa. If you don’t know who Medusa is, she is a character from Greek Mythology who, if you stare into her eyes, can make you turn to stone. Her magic comes from the snakes she has as hair. This filter would turn your hair into snakes also. Because who doesn’t want snakes coming out of their head?
  • Pizza Face Filter- This filter would turn your face into a pizza. When you raise your eyebrows, different toppings get added to your “Pizza Face” such as pepperoni and mushrooms.
  • Lilo and Stitch Hawaiian Theme Filter- This filter would be designed to use with you and a friend. This 2 person filter would make one person Lilo and the other one Stitch. It is a Hawaiian themed filter. The Lilo filter would put a flower in your now long, dark hair, and tan your skin. The Stitch filter would turn you blue, resembling stitch.

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