Softball Highlight: Trellis Whaley

Written by Emily Meneses

“Three up, three down!”

The excitement of the upcoming game brings the JV Lady Trojans Softball team to once again, dominate the field.

One player in particular is deemed being one to outshine the rest.

Although most of her playing time is on the JV team, she also plays for Varsity, though not starting every game

Trellis Whaley, #12, tells the tale of her excellence.

Whaley practices daily, from 3:30 to 5:45 PM, with runs she and her teammates know are to be dreaded, but she states, “We just encourage each other to keep going, especially when we have to run.”

The work does not end there though, “I usually get home and hit in my batting cage at home for another hour or so.” Homework and studying for the night gets done as well, all fitted into a tight schedule.

With three honors classes and an A/B average to keep up, it is no easy task.

Whaley doesn’t let that pressure consume her before games, “If it’s an away game, [on the way there] I just put in my headphones and listen to music for a while…” and right before she gets there, Whaley takes a few minutes to “mentally relax” by clearing her mind and taking a few breaths.

Her position on the field is usually catcher, but she also does well on third base.

Whaley playing as catcher (submitted photo)

Whaley also has a couple of impressive personal bests. For one, her Pop time (the time it takes for a catcher to return a ball) clocks in at 1.62 seconds. Her second best is her batting average of 700.

She tells that all she has accomplished now could not have happened without the experience she has gained over the years.

“I was seven years old when I first started playing,” Whaley informs.

Her softball experience is not just limited to Lee County High’s JV and Varsity teams; she also plays for the GA Xpress Softball travel team.

Even with her balancing act of softball and school, Whaley still finds some time to tend to her hobbies, such as drawing and reading.

Her inspirational figures include Tim Tebow and Buster Posey, but her utmost favorite is her grandmother, Gail Prescott. All three inspire her to continue pursue her dreams and achieve her goals.

After her high school graduation, Whaley wants to earn a Division 1 softball scholarship, preferably to an SEC college.

With all of her accomplishments so far, that goal seems to be quite realistic, and even more attainable.

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