August Students of the Month

Written by Savion Williams

August 15th, 10 deserving students have been recognized for their exceptional abilities, superior achievements, and “PRIDE” behavior!

These students set a positive example for the students around them. Teachers have nominated students of their choice to be August’s Students of the Month, it was such a difficult decision that 10 students were chosen in all! The list of students are below, not in any specific order.

Mrs. Rice recognizes Timberland Clay for being a “positive, hard-working student who puts forth 100% effort into his classwork.”

Mrs. Scarmalis recognizes Sara Prias because she is an “excellent student and competitive learner.” Also stating that she deserves this feature because she is “so helpful in offering assistance to other students.”

Ms. Hinds recognizes Chloe Theidel for being an “excellent student who strives for nothing less than excellence in all she does.”

Mr. Cowart recognizes Paige Ford because “she always strives for academic excellence.”

Ms. Burtt recognizes Emily Young for always “consistently completing her work and exceeding expectations.”

Mrs. Smith recognizes Kaden Douglas for remaining “attentive in class, and always holding together a positive attitude toward school.”

Also adding, “I predict that he will do great things one day.”

Mrs. Hylsop recognizes Jackson Carlstorm for “putting forth a lot of effort to go outside of his comfort zone and trying new things.”

She also continues to say, “I am so proud of what he has accomplished in such a short time, and I look forward to seeing what else he can do.”

Mrs. Dexter recognizes Mekayla Sherman for continuously demonstrating “exemplary study skills, being a great self-advocate and not being afraid to ask for help when she doesn’t understand a concept. She is concerned about her grades and tries very hard to complete assignments correctly; she always comes to class prepared, on time, and begins tasks without having to be asked by the teacher. She is also well-liked by her peers and teachers.”

Mrs. Tomlinson recognizes Jack Satterfield for “displaying amazing leadership skills and going above and beyond in all of his classes.”

All 10 students were acknowledged by the entire school for their exceptional PRIDE behavior. They were all also rewarded during lunch with pizza for being a role-model to the peers around them. If you didn’t make it this month there are still many ahead! Just stay on your best behavior and aim high.

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