Mrs. Hyslop Named as 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year

Written by Mckenzie Fretwell

Congratulations to Lee County Ninth Grade Campus’ own, Mrs. Lindsey Hyslop, for receiving the Teacher of the Year award. Mrs. Hyslop has been teaching at LCHS Ninth Grade Campus for three years. She graduated from Georgia Southwestern with a major in English and a teaching certificate. She teaches literature and journalism.

Mrs. Hyslop has wanted to be a teacher ever since she was born. She had always wanted to become a special education teacher because of her brother, Tyler, but decided down the road to become a literature teacher. She still teaches inclusion classes so she gets to work with students of all academic abilities.

When asked what her favorite thing about teaching is, she responded, “I like when a student can turn on the lightbulb in their head, especially when it involves writing.” She is dedicated to her work and gives her all when teaching.

Mrs. Hyslop is married to her husband, Eric. They met at GSW and have been married for three years. She has two dogs, Abby and Ella.

Congratulations again to Mrs. Hyslop for being the teacher of the year at Lee County Ninth Grade Campus!

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