Class of 2020 Commits to Graduation

Written by Georgia Miller

Commitment. When getting a job, you commit to work hard every day and to do what your employers tell you. When a couple gets married, they are committing to a life together until death do they part. Similarly, the Lee County 9th Grade Campus has a tradition at the beginning of each year where all the 9th graders commit to graduate; they commit, to working hard all four years in order to cross the threshold into reality and life apart from what they’ve always known.

On Thursday, August 11, 9th graders attended an assembly telling us why we should commit to graduate, why graduation is important, and how almost everything in our life after high school can be changed by one simple decision.

Scott Jernigan, who works for  Jostens, spoke at the assembly. He gave many reasons as to why we should commit to graduate, such as showing one slide that had the statistics comparing a high school graduate’s income to a dropout’s income. He then got volunteers and made up the “line of life.”

Through the line of life, he demonstrated that everything after high school all comes back to whether you graduated or not:  the money you make, the opportunities you get, and the people that you meet. He also stated that the most important year of high school is your freshman year. It’s the year that everything you do in school begins to count toward graduation and your future. The grades, clubs, sports, extra curricular activities, everything counts.

Jernigan made a point as to saying how important it is to be involved in your school with things like clubs and sports. The  friends you make during those things can be the ones who encourage you. Besides, extra curricular things do look good on a college application, or any type of application for that matter.

Class of 2020, what this all boils down to is one simple yes or no question: Will you commit to graduate?

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