How To Treat Sunburn

Written by: Shelby Harrell

The weather will be warming up and summer is just around the corner which means shorts, tank tops, and clothes that shows skin. We all want to be tan and how are we going to do that? Bake in the sun. What normally happens when this happens? We normally get sunburned. That is caused by not wearing sunscreen or not using enough. I’m here to teach you some ways to treat your sunburn if you happen to get it.

  1. Put Aloe Vera or Aloe on it! I know you hear this all the time and you ignore it but, I’m here to say it really does help. The Aloe Vera moisturizes your skin and helps heal your sunburn.
  2. Drink water. When you are dehydrated it will take longer to heal your sunburn.
  3. Tell someone if you feel sick. You may need medication or a doctor to see what else is going on or if you have anything serious.
  4. Cold water. You can take cold showers or baths. You can even put cold rags on your sunburn to cool it.
  5. Take some ibuprofen. This will help with the swelling and the pain.  
  6. LEAVE THOSE BLISTERS ALONE! You need to leave the alone to protect you from infections because blisters are easily contaminated and infected.
  7. Protect your already sunburned skin. You may want to stay inside or cover your sunburn until it’s healed. This will help you recover quicker and be less painful.

Remember this summer to protect your skin because sunburn can damage your skin and increase your chances of getting skin cancer. Do yourself a favor and wear sunscreen to protect your skin.


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