Boys Win Big Against Crisp, Lose to Rival Deerfield

Written by: Holt Bigelow

Boys Soccer put another one in the win column on Friday with an emphatic 4-1 victory against Crisp County. It was a blowout from the beginning and the boys were playing with ease. Crisp’s lone goal came on a quality shot put in a place where no one could quite get it. It was no problem though, because Lee finished strong and and came away with a confident win.

Sadly, they couldn’t replicate the performance against Deerfield, losing 5-2 in disappointing fashion. All was well until the final few minutes of the first half, in fact Lee was winning, 2-1. The goals came courtesy of Jake Johnson taking advantage of a rebound, Lee’s second goal came off Colton Edmunds taking a ball beautifully on his chest and drilling it into the back of the net. Those final minutes doomed The Trojans though, as Deerfield put three up on Lee before half, and never looked back.

Lee County’s next game is at Tifton on the 19th at 8:00.

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