What did You do for Spring Break?

Written By: Taylor Bates & Mady Joiner

We asked 20 students what they did for spring break and here is what they said…

Bailey Biedrzycki- For spring break I went to Pine Mountain and Callaway Gardens.

Submitted photo

Bhavya Gupta-  I had a good time not having to come to school.

Kadrian Blanton- I went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Evie Temples – I stayed at home all spring break and hung out with friends.

Submitted photo

Lyndan Meshanko – Over spring break, I went to Athens, Georgia to visit my brother and play in a softball tournament.

Submitted photo

Lindsey Ethridge – I went to the beach with my bestie Hannah Foster for two days then spent the rest of my spring break sleeping and only got up to eat food.

Submitted photo

Morgan Mathis- I went to the mountains and had a horrible time. I do not recommend. It is always cold and the animals will attack you so yeah. Don’t go to the mountains for spring break.

Cameron Huntley- I worked out at home. Stayed in the gym and did a little running for track. I also went shopping in Atlanta and I had a great time.

Jalen Barner- I went to PCB!!!

Hayley Moore- I went to the lake with my friends and we had a really good time, I can’t wait to go back.

Submitted photo

Hannah Foster- I went to PCB twice with different people and slept a lot.

Submitted photo.

Abi Rimmer- I went to Tallahassee and went shopping and went to Skyzone, then I went to Wild Adventures the next day.

Submitted photo

Katie Dunn- I went shopping and hung out with my friends.

Kamron Blanton-I went to South Carolina with my family.

Submitted photo

Austin Casey- I went to six flags.

Gracie Davis- I went to Jacksonville Beach.

Dejah Abner- I went to Florida and went shopping and to the beach and almost got food poisoning from sushi but overall had a good time.

Mallorie Moore – I went to an Indian burial ground and saw a lot of cool stuff out there.

Jeremiah Engram & Noa Cruz- We went to Orlando and PCB, in Orlando we went to sky zone, a trampoline park and then we went to Panama City. In PCB we went to the beach, pier park and we also walked 12 miles for nothing.

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