Tips for Test Taking

Written By Breyatta George

TEST-TAKING TIME IS HERE! SLO’s start next-week and Milestones start the week after, but don’t you worry. It’s getting to the end of the 2nd semester and we want to make sure you’re prepared for testing. Here are a few tips to prepare yourself before testing:


  • STUDY, STUDY, AND STUDY! This is the number-one thing you want to do to prepare for testing. Look over all the material you learned from the previous semester. Please don’t wait til the day before testing to just now look over old notes.


  • SLEEP. You really need to set a persistent bed-time. You want to create a routine: after studying, get yourself ready for bed. I’d suggest 9;30 or 10:00. Don’t stay up late at night, because you’re going to need that energy.


  • BREAKFAST. It’s the most important meal of the day. You really need to eat breakfast. You won’t think straight in the morning before testing. If you usually don’t eat breakfast, grab a granola bar on the way out the house,  eat a piece of fruit or something.


  • DON’T STRESS, RELAX. I myself, get test anxiety at times, but don’t worry. Worrying before testing can throw you off. Take some time from studying, go outside, go out, just do whatever you have to do to keep you from stressing.


Testing is near, classmates! We must be prepared. I hope these test-taking tips really come in handy for you.

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