Teacher’s Point Of View Of Standardized Tests

Written by: Amber Greenhill

The next few weeks are going to be filled with tests. Within this group of tests is the E.O.C., a standardized test. While students have a raging hatred toward these tests, teachers have mixed emotions.

According to Mackenzie Rosa in her article “Teacher’s Opinions On School Systems Today” , teachers have mixed feelings. Here are a few responses of the teachers that  replied to her:

 All testing is done to provide data that we can use to drive our instruction. However, there are many days when I wish I could just teach my students what they need to know without having to worry about the stress of testing. Some testing is necessary, but what we are doing now is too much.”

“Good because it holds teachers accountable for teaching the information. Bad because it does not allow for diversity in the classroom. America is a melting pot and the more diversity there is, the better we are as a nation to make our own decisions and be independent individuals.”

Students assume that teachers don’t care about the standardized tests. Actually, the teachers are stressed just as much as the students.

Source: https://lehighcee1.wordpress.com/tag/exam/
Edited by: Haley Owens Prepare because testing is almost here!


Source: https://lchs9thmuse.wordpress.com/2016/04/13/teachers-opinions-on-school-systems-today/

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