Death by Testing


Written by Raine Phillips

The months of April and May are upon us, better known as the school season of horror. As I’m sure you have heard, poor test phobic children, such as the students of Lee County Ninth Grade Campus, will soon be taking many sorts of standardized, stressful, tests.

The classes you are currently in is the true determinative of how many you will take; although, you need to know that there is no solution to getting out of them. Trust me, teachers will not appeal to bribery. (I have tried)

If you’re a mentally unstable failure, like myself, then I would recommend studying until your eyes bleed. At least, I know that’s what I’ll be doing when I somehow overcome media induced procrastination.

This April/May, not only do you get to take your yearly dose of SLO’s, but don’t forget about EOCT’s and Finals, all of which are in the span of nearly six weeks!

Aren’t you excited to cry over a pile of study guides and outdated textbooks? I surely am!

On a rare optimistic point, tortu—I mean, school, will be over soon. This leads to summer, the best time of the year, where you can: tan, swim, be bombarded by gnats, and train for your school season sport in scorching weather!

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