The Girl You “Wish” You Were

Written by: Grace Faucheux

There will always be someone you “wish” you were. At some point during the day, usually at night, there is a time when you will get on Instagram and scroll through people’s feeds. You will most likely be sitting in your bed with the lights off and your brightness dimmed as low as it can go. Scrolling with your thumb and then you come across someone’s feed. This can be the girl your recent ex is seeing, this can be a Victoria’s Secret model, or it could be just a random person who you found in the explore tab.

We all do this. Scrolling through someone’s feed. Looking at the overview of their profile and then finding yourself clicking on the actual picture, being sure that you do not accidentally like it. Most of the time it is girls, girls will do this every night and not even realize it. Girls who get on Instagram to look at their friends post but quickly find themselves comparing their life to some girl’s on Instagram. No matter how many times your friends compliment you or how great you have it, you will always find someone who you think has better. We all wish that we were HER, or that we had HER life because she is “perfect” and everything else.

But in reality that person’s life is not perfect and you do not wish you were them. You never know what someone is going through, you just see their Instagram and think that everything is great and that they have a perfect life. You wish you were them because they have the perfect Instagram feed and they have the newest thing. Truth is most of those girls get paid to promote products and most of their photos are Photoshopped. You do not know what they look like in person and when they do not have any makeup on, you only know what they look like on Instagram. Kylie Jenner gets paid to promote all those products and tag all the shops where she gets her clothes from in her pictures, it is her career.

So, before you start comparing your life to all these girls on Instagram, take a moment and realize that you have much more than them. You are worth more than your Instagram feed. You have a life outside of Instagram. Those girls that are “instafamous” are only like that because of what technology can do. God made each and every one of us in his perfect image. Realize your worth before you realize other’s values. You never know what is really going on in their lives, you only know what you see on their Instagram feed.

“Comparison will be the number one thing that will keep you from doing what God is calling you to do. He’s put a gift and a call and a desire in your heart that is different than anyone else’s. And you’re wired that way for a reason.”- Kari Jobe

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

Here are some steps on how to deal with this:

  1. Stop Comparing yourself to others, God made us to be who we are.
  2. Realize that you are beautiful in your own ways.
  3. Delete Instagram if you have to, it’s just a bunch of pictures that are probably photo shopped.
  4. STOP WISHING YOU WERE SOMEONE ELSE!! you are not that person and live will only get worse if everyone keeps comparing themselves to others.


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