March Teacher of the Month

Written By: Malica Casey

The Teacher of the Month for March was none other than Mr. Whitman.

Eric Whitman is a long-time teacher, having taught twenty years and is currently teaching math here at Lee County. Mr. Whitman began his college career at Darton as an accounting major, and encountered a professor there who inspired him to change his major to teaching. “[His professor]”, Mr. Whitman says, “was great in what she did and was able to encourage her students to learn.”

photo by: Malica Casey Mr. Whitman poses outside from a picture during pride time to commemorate his being awarded the Teacher of the Month for March.

Mr. Whitman also says the acts involved in teaching are many, though being able to spend time with students in the classroom and encouraging them to learn. The best thing about teaching, Mr. Whitman described, is being able to watch students grow, and the worst thing is dealing with the state.


When asked about his favorite TV show Mr. Whitman stated that his favorite’s are those involving crime scene investigation.

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