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Fingernail Trends

Written by: MacKenzie Briggs

Favorite Fingernail Polish Trend

Shelby Harrell said, “ I love the whole ‘paint your ring finger a different thing’ trend. I like how it gives people the chance to express their personality. I also just like plain black fingernail polish.”A lot of people have different opinions on fingernail polish and their trends. Holt said, “ I really don’t care and don’t get why girls give a crap about it.”

I honestly just paint them when ever I have time. It is not my top priority and really don’t get why girls drop 30 bucks on a manicure. People aren’t gonna look at your fingers and say, “Oh my gosh her fingernails are amazing!” But that is just my opinion.

Fingernail Don’ts:

I ABSOLUTELY hate the fur fingernail trend. It is awful. And I can’t even imagine what would happen when you wash your hands. Would it stay on?

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Edited by: Haley Owens        These are the fake fur nails. I have no words.

Also I hate the crazy long fake nails with the pointed end. They freak me out. They are referred to as ‘ cat claws ‘. They kinda do look like cat claws now that I think about it.

Another trend that needs to crawl into a hole and die is the ‘ Zit nail ‘.  It is like a base polish that bubbles up and looks like your fingernail has zits. Honestly who in their right mind would put that on their fingers?

Fingernail Do’s:

I love when girls paint their ring finger different. It looks really pretty in my opinion.

I do like acrylics when they are used properly. Don’t go crazy overboard because that may freak some people out.

Lastly you could just leave them plain or one color. Nothing is wrong with being ordinary.

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