Boys Varsity Soccer Loses to Tifton, has Exciting Tie with Fitzgerald

Written by: Holt Bigelow

Five minutes are left in the game, Lee County is losing 2-0 to Fitzgerald, all hope seems lost. That is, until Dylan Brendel drills a shot into the side of the net, just out of the keeper’s reach.

Lee went wild, but they knew that the game wasn’t over yet.

After two more minutes of tough battling with the ball, Jonathan Langston had it on Fitzgerald’s corner. He sent in a cross but it ended up bouncing back to him, he lifted another one into the 18, it came to who else, but Dylan Brendel.

Dylan took a moment to trap the ball and then struck it top left. They had done it, they came back from 2 goals with 5 minutes an astounding feat, this was probably the best anyone had felt about a tie in a long time.

Lee did suffer a tough loss against their region rivals. Tifton trounced the Trojans 3-0 albeit, the game was closer than the score indicates.

Many opportunities took place, but Lee couldn’t seem to put the ball in the back of the net no matter how hard they tried.

They are looking forward to a rematch on April 19th. Come see Lee at their next game against thomasville on April 12th. 



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