WCW: Amandla Stenberg

Written by Kayla Matthews

I find a lot of women very admirable, but one I really admire is Amandla Stenberg. Amandla is only 17 years old and she has already made a name for herself advocating for women’s rights.

March 28-April 1 Article Deadlines (Monday March 28, 2016 9-37 PM, EDT)

Most people know her as her portrayal of Rue in the first Hunger Games movie. Although, what they fail to realize is that she is so much more than that one role.

Amandla is a self proclaimed feminist and is not afraid to speak her mind. That’s one reason why I am so drawn to her.

March 28-April 1 Article Deadlines (Monday March 28, 2016 9-38 PM, EDT)

Earlier this year Kylie Jenner thought it would be cool to put her hair in cornrows and post it on her various social media accounts. Amandla stated that it is appalling how she appropriates black culture (among other cultures) yet does not use her fame or privilege to speak out against racism.

Jenner made an ignorant response back at her, bringing up Amandla’s prom date who also happens to be Jenner’s ex. Even though Jenner made said remarks the press went after Amandla and made her the villain.

Andy Cohen, who is a 47 year old grown man, called Amandla a “jack hole”.

March 28-April 1 Article Deadlines (Monday March 28, 2016 9-37 PM, EDT) (1)

Through it all she kept a brave face and remained calm. She also put out a video explaining why cultural appropriation was not okay and why it should be taken seriously. In the video she made a very eye opening statement, “[W]hat if America loved black people as much as they love black culture.” When she received backlash from the media for her statements she remained the bigger person without backing down, even though everyone around her we’re trying to knock her down.

Amandla is a person who girls can look up to and aspire to be like. It is women like her who restore my faith in humanity.

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