Technological Education

Written by: Joey LeBlanc

Technology rules the world. Everybody is ruled by technology and has it in the grasp of their hands all day. Many people rely on technology for their jobs and lives. It helps people learn, teach, and strive. This does not go unnoticed for schools and the teachers and students that inhabit them.

Photo by: J. LeBlanc Technology! Malica Casey is writing his book in journalism and listening to music. This is one of the positive aspects of technology in a school environment.

Many people believe that technology is a good thing, whilst some people believe it is a bad thing for students in school.

Technology is positive for many reasons. First, it helps students get more connected to the teachers and students. Many students can, and will, email their teachers if they have a question about their grades or assignments, and the students will get an answer. Secondly, students may enjoy school more. Many students always ask the question, “Can we listen to music?” This inquiry is not asked for annoyance, it is asked because the weight of school can be lifted with a person’s favorite singer or song. Lastly, technology helps the students understand the assignment or subject more. When a student can do something with their technology that they understand and can interact with, it helps them feel more confident about the task. However, some people may feel as though technology is very negative on the school and its environment.


Some people may believe technology is very bad toward the education of students. First of all, technology can distract students. This is not a myth that parents complain about. Many students do actually get distracted by their technology. Another reason is that not all students are innocent. Many students may use their technological devices to cheat. Whether this is used at home or school, some students may use their technology to cheat on the literature study guide they do not want to do. The last reason is the students may depend too heavily on the technology. Many students may use their technology for all their assignments. Students may rely on their technology and get good grades, but when they have to take a standardized test or a quiz in class and they may fail.


Technology significantly affects school. Many people rely on school for many reasons. Technology has many positive and negative aspects.


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