Robotics RUMBLE

Written by: Maggie Nguyen

16.24.3_RoboticsCompetition_sharrell (2)
Robotics Competition Collage: Submitted photo from Michelle Tran.

At the Albany Civic Center this past Saturday, Darton College’s Titan Alliance #5536 hosted a robotics competition. It is a ranking competition with 25 teams competing.

Competitors came from all over Georgia. This is Titan Alliance’s 2nd year participating.

Each team had the task of constructing their own defense robot. The objective was to get over the other team’s defenses. Once a team overtook the defense, they would launch “boulders” (gray balls) into the other team’s castle, earning them points.

It was a three day process. Thursday was load-in day and pit setup, lasting from 7-10 P.M.The start of the competition was on Friday, from 7:30 to 8.The main events were on Saturday, with rewards following the competition.

16.24.3_RoboticsCompetition_sharrell (3)
Sabrina Robotics Competition: Submitted photo from Michelle Tran


The 9th grade campus’s own Sabrina Hagler participated, stating, “[The process]  doesn’t really seem worth it until you get there.”

Robotics Competition Band Selfie: Submitted photo from Michelle Tran

Robotics Competition Band Selfie: Submitted photo from Michelle Tran

Mrs. Smith, the 9th grade honors biology teacher, also participated in the event. When asked about her role and overall experience, she said, “I was the head que… There was a field, kind of like a miniature football field, where they did the competition… That was the playing field. And behind the curtain, there were two places where teams were in waiting. So I was the person who put those teams in their places… I had to keep up with who was who and who was doing what. And it was a neat experience. It was very tiring, but it was good to see those kids working so hard on something that was that complicated.”

Titan Alliance placed 19 out of 25 teams and got “Gracious Professionalism” at the awards ceremony.

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