You Win Some, You Lose Some

Written By: Holt Bigelow

Two different feelings came out of the locker room after each game last week: exuberant joy and crushing disappointment. The week had two tough region games in it with two very different outcomes.

Lee’s first game of the week was against Valdosta, which they won 6-1. The win was punctuated by a hat-trick by Matthew Prince who ended his season long goal drought. Vishvesh Palmar scored a header off a beautiful cross and sophomores Jake Johnson and Jonathan Langston each got goals of their own. Valdosta’s only goal came during a lapse of concentration by Lee’s keeper.

Unfortunately, the Trojans’ next game was a 6-0 loss versus Lowndes. The defense couldn’t hold up against a very productive Lowndes attack. Not even a goalie switch could keep the scores from coming as the shots were very numerous. The optimism from the Valdosta game has faded but the Trojans are looking to rebound versus Tifton.

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