Woman Crush Wednesday : Ashley Nell Tipton

Written by: Lindsey Ethridge

 In today’s society the idea that a girl or woman has to have a tiny waist in order for her to be beautiful is beginning to change. This change is made possible by people like Ashley Nell Tipton.

Plus Size
Submitted by: Lindsey Ethridge Edited by: Haley Owens

Ashley Nell Tipton is an award winning fashion designer. What makes her so different is the fashion she designs. Tipton has been a plus size fashion designer sinceshe released her first fashion collection while she was still in high school.

Plus Size
Submitted by: Lindsey Ethridge Edited by: Haley Owens


  She graduated from Fashion Careers College in 2012. That same year her work was shown at New York’s Full Figured Fashion Week. This is where her work started making noise in the fashion world.

   What makes Ashley different from the normal plus size designer is that she chose to be bold in her work. She doesn’t design clothes that make you blend in, but rather clothes that make people notice you. Her clothes are bright, colorful, and make a statement.

   In 2015, she applied for the 14th season of Lifetime’s Project Runway. After showing the show’s viewers what she can really do, she quickly became a crowd favorite and went on to become the winner of the 14th season. Along with this, she also won the title of the first plus size fashion designer to ever win the show.

   Ashley Nell Tipton made an impact on how the world views plus size women. She is showing everyone that it is not a bad thing to look like everyone else. She is giving many people in the plus size community courage to stand out and to be proud of the body they have.

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