Military Ball: In the Perspective of a Cadet’s Date

Written by Shelby Harrell

On Saturday, March 19th, I attended the Military Ball.

I am not in ROTC but, my boyfriend and my date for the evening is. I didn’t know what all to expect and I was quite nervous.

16.22.3_MilitaryBallPerespectiveofaCadetsDate_sharrell (2)
Submitted Photo

There are serious times and there are not serious times. You have to be very serious during the toasts and you have to be very respectful.

During some of the evening the people in ROTC had to be very still and I was quite impressed.

Submitted Photo

The ROTC leaders tested all of their cadets with several things, for example, while the food was being served they played a weird song and you couldn’t laugh.

Overall, I had a wonderful evening and I would love to attend others that is if I am invited again. I now have more respect for the cadets. Thank you for letting me attend.

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