Military Ball in the Eyes of a Cadet

Written by Abby Wilson

I finally can say, I have been to a Military Ball. Everybody thinks this is just some crazed formal ball that is super formal and uptight. Well, they would be wrong…

Submitted Photo 10 pounds of hairspray and 40 bobby pins later, this is how my hair turned out.

I can say, this one was different. We had cake like it was a birthday ball, we had punishment punch, which had things including root beer as the base, cottage cheese, wasabi, Vienna sausages in 3 flavors: Original, Barbeque, and Chicken, cheddar spray cheese, and the ‘world’s hottest’ hot sauce. This wasn’t all, but was most of what was in it.

When they served our food, the music they played was certainly.. Weird? I don’t know if that’s the correct word. But it was pretty hard to not laugh, which I believe they were just testing our military bearing. But it worked.

We did formal toasts. But some were not formal. The one they bring up every year, is a toast to Captain’s mustache. Which, nobody understands, but it definitely lightens up the room.

We had a POW/MIA table for all of those lost from each branch of the military. Everything that was on the table was symbolic of something that had to do with the topic of those people that were either Prisoners of War or went Missing in Action. It almost made me cry when they did the ceremony with that table.

It was an amazing night for me.

16.22.3_MilitaryBallEyesofaCadet_sharrell (2)
Submitted Photo This is me and my date, Lyle, getting our picture taken for the mantle before we left. Thanks Mom! 

There were only 2 slow songs, and one was the first song, only for staff. Then the rest were either rap songs, or remixed versions of rock songs. Or, the good old dance songs like the Wop, Wobble, and the Cupid Shuffle. We even had an old classic song, the Twist!

But, sadly, my date, Lyle, would not do it with me. He only did the Cupid Shuffle with me. I did the Wobble with one of my friends, and I left to get my picture taken with my date during the Wop, because I’m a basic white girl who doesn’t know how to dance real well.

We also had a fun time outside when the fire alarms went off. They turned on a smoke machine, and… yeah, that happened. We were outside for about 15 minutes, waiting for the Fire Marshall. I just sat in Lyle’s truck then, waiting for them to tell us we could go back in.

After that, we went inside and danced the rest of the night away. This night was one that I, as a freshman, will never forget.
It had a lot of firsts. First date to a dance, first formal, first time going out officially with a guy, first time dad actually let a guy pick me up and take me somewhere. Just a lot of firsts.

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