History of the Easter Bunny

Written by: Britney Bullington

For as long as anyone can remember, the Easter bunny has been associated with Easter, though these mythical creatures are not mentioned anywhere in the Bible. Easter is supposed to be about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, but when someone hears Easter, their mind immediately drifts to the Easter bunny and colorful eggs.

The Easter bunny is long- eared, short-tailed creature who delivers colorful eggs and candy to children the night before Easter Sunday.


Since ancient times, rabbits/bunnies have been associated with Spring. It has been said that Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring, had a hare as a companion. The hare symbolized fertility and rebirth. The Christians changed the symbol of the hare of the Easter bunny to symbolize the rebirth of Jesus Christ. An Easter bunny and Easter eggs were both said to appear in the Spring festival of Ostara.

History of The Easter Bunny
photo by: http://www.anaspapeterie.com/collections/easter-cards The legendary Easter Bunny delivering his eggs.

The legend of the Easter bunny bringing eggs appears to have been brought by German immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania in the 1700’s. In the legend, the Easter bunny brings baskets filled with colorful eggs and candy, and occasionally toys to the homes of children on the night before Easter. The basket will either be placed out in the open or hidden somewhere for the children to find, thus starting the tradition of the Easter egg hunt.   
Over the past 200 years, the Easter bunny has become the most commercially known symbol of Easter.

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