Tips for 10th Grade

Written by Mackenzie Briggs

With the school year coming to an end, it is almost time for us to say goodbye to our beloved 9th Grade Campus.

Although it seems as if we just got here and became accustomed to the campus, we will soon have to make another transition to a much bigger school.

Photo by M. Briggs The main entrance to the upper campus.

With that in mind, I set out to seek advice from those who were in our shoes not long ago. Current 10th graders answered questions that current 9th graders want to know.

Question 1-. Are the classes better or worse? How so?

Dalton Sheltra said, “They are basically the same, they just continue to get more difficult each year. Just learn to adapt to different subjects and environments.”

Question 2- Is there pressure on you when you turn 16 to get a job? Why or why not?

Mackenzie Edgler said, “Not initially, but there will come a time when you will want to get one.”

Question 3-  What is the biggest change from 9th to 10th grade?

Madison Wilcox said, “Huge. 9th grade is kind of like your own little bubble or place to be; then you get to 10th and there’s so many people everywhere. You start to get the feel of high school more at the Upper Campus because the school is so big and there’s more than just your grade.”

Question 4- Do you have classes with people from other grades? If so, what’s it like?

Grant Godwin said, “Yes and it is the same as having classes with everyone in your grade.”

Question 5-Are there still cliques or are they gone? Explain.

Dalton Sheltra- “There will always be cliques no matter where you are. The groups stay the same, you have your Preps, Jocks, Nerds, Geeks, Goths, and the people who drift in between all of the groups (Like myself).”

Question 6- Are there any other tips you would like to give to the class of 2019?

Carson Council said, “And yes y’all future 10th graders better not come up here and try everybody up like we think y’all will. If y’all do and y’all mess with the wrong people because y’all think y’all are bad y’all will get stomped.”

Madison Wilcox said, “Always focus on your grades and strive to do your best. Even if you’re exhausted and just so over school, ALWAYS do your best and try. Also, don’t be afraid of nervous to make friends with older people and don’t be nervous to talk to random people. That happens a lot at Upper Campus”.
Dalton Sheltra said, “Stay strong, stay focused, and stay yourself. Don’t let what anyone says or does affect you. There are going to be haters and people who will try to bring you down but just ignore them. Like I always say ‘Do you, boo boo’ ”.

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