Written by Maggie Nguyen

On March 15, Mr. Trivette’s AP classes held their first annual Food Day.

Students were given the task of being a food dish from their culture. There were a vast variety of food items to choose from.

Caroline Cheese Pancakes Food Day
Photo by M. Nguyen For her Food Day dish, Caroline Taylor brought cheese pancakes, her father’s recipe that is surprisingly pleasant, despite the name.

In 3rd period, the spectrum of edibles ranged from Vietnamese eggrolls to Indian pastries. There was also a very lovely cheesecake on the menu.

Conrad Soup Food Day
Photo by M. Nguyen Conrad Olson, 4th period AP, brought cheddar cheese broccoli soup, a family recipe. 

4th period’s selection included a wide range of family recipes, such as Kayson Cowart’s “Spageroni” (an interesting spaghetti and macaroni combo).

CJ Caleb's Cake Food Day
Photo by M. Nguyen CJ Bozeman takes a slice from Caleb Crawford’s Food Day dessert.

Trivette’s first annual Food Day was a success, resulting in many satisfied stomachs. A mentionable quote from Caleb Crawford, 4th period, can summarize how we all felt after consuming all the homemade food: “WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE FAT!”

Rachel Snacks Food Day
Photo by M Nguyen Rachel Borra brought crispy snacks from her country of lineage.

Yes, Caleb, we are all going to die (of overwhelming deliciousness).

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