A Day in the Life of an Optimistic Freshman

Written by: Mackenzie Rosa

A day in the life of Rosa, an optimistic freshman.

To start my day, I wake up at 5:30. That does seem very early for a teenage.r but, instead of thinking about how tired and sleep deprived I am, I think about how much time I have to do my hair and make it look fabulous.

While getting ready for the day I listen to some very awesome and happy music. Not only does this make me want to dance like a madman but, it brightens my very early morning routine.

Next, I pack my lunch. Packing my lunch has so many perks! I not only have the chance to pack whatever I want but by packing my lunch, I avoid school food and the outrageously long lines. FUN!

Off to school I go, in a big yellow bus. Instead of thinking about the large amount of middle and high school students surrounding me in a small metal tin, I think about the positives! By riding the bus to and from school, I am saving my parents gas money, and that money they are saving can go towards my college education or Taco Bell!

While on the bus, instead of actually talking to people, I put my headphones on to tune out all the people that are VERY loud. FUN!

Before entering the school, I always like to step back and admire the small compact building in which I spend 7 hours of my day learning about things I will probably never use in my adult life. This action always seems to brighten my day.

Off to my classes! This means walking the crowded and cramped hallways. The hallway problem may seem like a problem to most students, but I found a solution! The way I walk through the halls is kind of like how a football player runs into the other football player: head on. I put my books in my arms and ram through the waddlers. The waddlers are the people who don’t take actual steps to get to there classes, but waddell’s. This strategy is very effective and I highly recommend it.

When in my classes, I take it one minute at a time. This tends to calm my nerves about how much homework I am going to have, but it could be worse. I could be dying or something. In a school, time seems to go by slower than normal. The bright side to this is you are kind of living longer! Slow time means more time in the game of life! WOW, SO AWESOME!

Lunch! By packing my lunch, I have already made it great by avoiding the long lines and horrible food. GREAT! I usually talk with my friends at my lunch table that I sit with everyday. The great thing about this is that I could be starving in an alley with only stray cats as friends, but I DON’T. I HAVE REAL FOOD AND FRIENDS! This is awesome sauce!

The rest of my day feels like five years, but I eventually get to leave. Before I leave, I like to step back and admire the ridiculously small building and say my goodbyes. “Goodbye Lee County 9th Grade Campus, I will see you tomorrow,” I say everyday. IT’S BEEN A GOOD DAY!

After my bus ride home, I like to start my piles of homework which usually takes up all of my free time, but hey, it could be worse. I could be Anakin Skywalker sitting in sand.

To all those freshmen out there, do the small things to make your day better.

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