A Day in the Life of a Cynical Ninth Grader

Written by: Emily Duncan

We all know what it means when the alarm goes off in the wee hours of the morning. It means it’s time for school. Some people don’t exactly see that as a completely bad thing which is stupid.

Who would enjoy waking up that early? Or enjoy the cramped, smelly bus rides to and from school? Don’t forget the foul conversations that can be overheard every hour of the school day. Those conversations can really scar a person. I know because I’ve heard several and wish I could wash my ears and brain of them. Those are just the little things though. The rest of the school day gets worse from there.

Submitted Photo:        Draining High School. This picture shows how Kim Possible, an old Disney show, knew the truth about school.

The classes are tiring with the teachers assigning pounds of homework all on the same night, almost as if they were conspiring against us all, and to finish it all in time we have to stay up way past the time we should be asleep. Thus, students have to force themselves awake in class due to the high lack of sleep. The mounds of homework really add too much weight to your arms and backpacks too, not helping anyone in the hallways.

The hallways are a monstrosity. People walk as slow as a turtle with a broken leg, stop in the middle of the hallway or doorways to block you from going anywhere, and couples like to think the hallways are proper places for PDA (for more on that problem check out the article: A PDA Problem). When you try to move past them, something always blocks you or pushes you into the wall. Many tardies can be caused by these horrendous hallways.

The worst part of the entire school day is lunch. It’s not the break you get from classes or the fact that you can speak freely with your friends that’s causing me to say this. It’s the food. Let’s all be honest, the food here is disease-inducing, disgusting slop. Sometimes, I swear I can see it breathing. Yet, when you’re desperate for some form of substance to be in your desolate stomach and you lack a lunch from home, you will eat it. Your nose may be plugged to prevent the taste from sticking to your poor taste buds, but you’ll eat it.

The only good part of the weekday for us students is the moment when we get home and can relax, binge on good food, and Netflix the night away – after homework of course.

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