Women Crush Wednesday: Anne Frank

Written by: Mady Joiner



In a time where no one had any hope, especially for women and Jewish individuals, Anne Frank was definitely an inspiration to everyone.

During what was one of the most violent times in history, Anne Frank was a bitter age of 13 when her and her family began hiding from people trying to take them to concentration camps. She went through horrifying events and disastrous moments that no human being should have to go through.


Despite the horrid world around her, Frank chose to keep a journal. In this journal, she wrote down everything she had to do on a daily basis. This journal later became very popular and helped a lot when researchers were trying to put everything together.



Some things that Frank wrote in her journal have now become some of the most famous quotes in history, such as, “I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” No matter what she went through, she remained strong, determined, and hopeful.

To think that such a young girl had such an amazing outlook on life even through the horror she experienced is truly inspirational. That is why I chose her as my Women Crush Wednesday.

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