Why birthdays aren’t that awesome.

Written by: Mackenzie Rosa

BIRTHDAYS, why does everyone like them so much? Just an FYI, I am a twin so I do have to share my birthday with someone BUT, my opinion is still valid.

Birthdays suck, you are really just getting closer and closer to dying. You are literally getting older. Who wants to get older?

Why would you celebrate a day where your mother spent an ungodly amount of time birthing you? If I were a mom I would make my child’s birthday all about me, because I was the one who did the hard work.

Your mom and dad made you, your mom carried you for nine months (a long time), your mom fed you, your mom avoided drugs and alcohol (hopefully), and all you did was kick her and be born. SO WHY ARE YOU GETTING GIFTS? YOUR MOM SHOULD BE THE ONE GETTING GIFTS AND CAKE.   

So, to end this article thank your mothers on your birthday. They birthed you. Be thankful.

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