Why Birthdays Are Great

Written By: Lindsey Ethridge

Birthdays: why does everyone love them? Because your birthday is the best day of the year. It is not only the day you were born, it’s the day you blessed the world with your greatness.

It is the best occasion to celebrate. You know what comes with birthdays? Presents. What did you do to deserve those presents? You were born. You get gifts and cake just because you born.

Photo by: Lindsey E CAKE! Friends get together to celebrate a birthday and enjoy this delicious birthday staple.

Your birthday is a day where literally everyone talks to you. Even if they don’t know you they will tell you happy birthday. Even on social media people will tell you happy birthday.


It is a day where you are surrounded with love. Your family and friends get together to celebrate you. Birthdays are great because it is the one day out of the whole year where people show the appreciation they feel for you.


Birthdays are a day for you to really look back and appreciate the life you have. It’s good to be able to celebrate the life you were given.


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