NJROTC GHSA Area 2 Rifle Championship

Written by Abby Wilson

On Friday, March 11th, the NJROTC Rifle team went to the National Guard recruiting office in Albany, Georgia to shoot their hearts out for the Area Championship.

And boy, did they! They brought home the Area Championship back to where it belongs, Lee County. The cadets that went included one of our freshman, Sabrina Edwards.

16.15.3_RifleChampionship_sharrell (3)
Photo Credits : A. Wilson Sabrina Edwards shows her pride with her Rifle Championship medal!
16.15.3_RifleChampionship_sharrell (2)
Photo Credits : A. Wilson This medal sure is a beauty up close. It features a silhouette of shooters, the name of the championship, and the year. It also includes the words, ‘Area Championship’ engraved in the back.

They deserved the win, because they are the only team who practices Mondays through Thursdays week after week.

We wish them good luck in all of their future events.

Submitted photo These people are the ones who had the chance to shoot for the chance to win the Championship. People from left to right; Madisyn Haire, Courtney Weekley, Trotter Brown, Mike Roberts, and Sabrina Edwards.

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