Everyone Has a Role Model

Written By: Kayla Matthews

What the Students Have to Say

Everyone has a role model. Someone that a person looks up to and wants to be like, or someone that inspires their everyday life.


A fellow journalism student, Jillian Branham, and I have gone around school and asked students and teachers who their woman role model was.

We got a range of answers from “my mom” to “Beyonce”.


When student ,Chloe Jolley, was asked who her woman role model was, she said, “My mom because she is one of the strongest women in my life.”

We got a lot of answers that resulted in students saying their mothers were their role models. Although, we did get a couple of answers that were diverse.


Kamaya George said, “My woman role model is Allyson Felix because she is what I envision my future to be like.” George later on explained that Allyson Felix is a track star. Her role model is very fitting because she aspires to be an olympic track star.


Another student Janzen McGill said, “ My woman role model is myself because I motivate myself everyday to do better than the day before.”

All of the students we asked had a very fitting answer and choose very inspirational women as their role models.


Written By: Jillian Branham

What the Teachers Have to Say

After interviewing fellow students at the 9th Grade Campus, Kayla and I decided to interview teachers as well. These teachers included Ms. Burtt and the school’s guidance counselor, Mrs. Mills.


When asked who was her woman role model and why, Mrs. Mills stated, “I would have to say that my mom is my role model. She’s my inspiration, she’s taught me so many things about life and lessons to be learned. She’s just been a great person to follow underneath.”

image (7)
Photo By: Kayla Matthews School guidance counselor shares why her mom is her woman role model.

Instead of saying that her mom is her woman role model, Ms. Burtt gave the answer of Mother Teresa as being her woman role model.


After being asked who her woman role model was, she then explained to us why Mother Teresa was her woman role model.


Ms. Burtt stated that “She taught how to love and how to spread kindness and how to get other people to love one another and I think that’s the best thing.”


A person’s role model can be anything from their mom to a public figure that has had a great deal of inspiration in that person’s life. There is no right or wrong answer to this question.


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