Police Talk To Health Classes

Written By: Kayla Matthews

On Friday, Lee county police came to the 9th grade campus to share with students the dangers of distracted driving. Sergeant Daphne Lindsey explained in detail how detrimental texting and driving can be, she stated “ When you text and drive you take you eyes, hands, and cognitive thinking skills off the road. You need all of these skills while driving.”

Drunk Driving in Health Class
Photo by: Kayla Matthews Students driving : Students Maddison Gibson, Sharday Cagle, and Jordan Weekly see what it’s like to drive drunk.

She shared that 84% of car accidents are from distracted driving. “While distracted driving for five seconds you travel the length of a football field. Within that time, you could injure people in another vehicle, your passengers, pedestrians and yourself.”

Drunk Driving in Health Class
Taken By: Kayla Matthews Photo of Sergeant Lindsey: Sergeant Lindsey speaking to students about the danger of texting and driving.

She then shared bone chilling true stories, such as in April of 2015 a 76 year old was killed. His death was a result of distracted driving.

She then shared a personal story that one of her fellow officers experienced with distracted driving. This experience will stick with the students forever.








Drunk Driving in Health Class
Photo by: Kayla Matthews Group of students: The students attentively listen to Sergeant Lindsey.

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