Troye Sivan VIP Concert Experience

Written By: Lindsey Ethridge

This past Thursday, March 10th, 2016, new artist Troye Sivan played a great set at Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse.


Fans started lining up around the building a few hours before the concert took place. There were around 125 out of the 300 people at the concert with VIP access.

16.14.3_VIPTroyeSivan_sharrell (3)
Photo Credits : L. Ethridge Picture of Troye: Wild! Singer/ songwriter Troye Sivan takes the stage at his Atlanta show. Georgia was one of the many stops on his Blue Neighborhood tour.


This was a night full of lots of dancing, singing, and crying. Artist Shamir Bailey opened up for Sivan. He played a few songs off of his own album, Ratchet, as well as helped to get the crowd ready for Troye.


   After Shamir’s performance, Troye Sivan finally walked onto stage and the crowd went wild. Troye’s performance was phenomenal.


Photo Credits : L. Ethridge Picture of Shamir: Sing, Sing, Sing! Artist Shamir Bailey sings his heart out as he opens up for Troye Sivan.

He had a great energy that lasted for the whole concert. He interacted with the crowd and sang his heart out.


Since the venue was so packed, you had many opportunities to get to know the people around you. Some came with friends and others were able to meet the friends they made over twitter.


The whole concert lasted for about 2 hours. It was hard to get tired during this performance as Troye imbued energy upon the whole venue. The crowd stayed energetic from the time people entered the building, to the last song of the night.


Troye Sivan was a great performer and made for a very entertaining night. His next concert is in Dallas on the 16th at the House of Blues.

16.14.3_VIPTroyeSivan_sharrell (2)
Photo Credits : L. Ethridge VIP Lanyard: VIP! The people who bought their VIP tickets were given special lanyards to show their special concert status.

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