March 5th, 7th, and 10th Lee County Baseball Games

Written by: Abby Giles

On March 5, 2016, Lee County 9th Grade Baseball Team played Cook County. The game was held in Thomasville, but many Lee County supporters still came out. Sadly, Lee County had their first loss. The final score was 10-2.

Jacob Barwick gets ready to hit the ball (photo credits: Tracy Block)

Although the game on Saturday was not great, they came through with their sixth victory on March 7th. It was a home game against Tift County. Lee County won 4-0.

Logan Goff batting at the game against Tift on March 7th. (photo credits Tracy Block)

Another victory was won for the boys on Thursday, March 10. They played a home game against Crisp County. The final score was 12-0. The team did great together, but a few players in particular stood out. Logan Goff, Hunter Futch, and Bryce Courson had a hot bat. Spencer Hanson and Jacob Barwick hit a triple each. Jacob Barwick and CJ Bozeman pitched to win a scoreless game for Crisp. Overall, the game was great and the team played well. People should look forward to a great season for the 9th grade Lee County Baseball Team!

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