Written by: Taylor Bates

The LCHS Symphonic Band earned a Straight Superior rating yesterday at GMEA District 2 Large Group Performance Evaluation. It’s the first time the Symphonic Band had earned Superior since 2011, and only the third Superior rating in ten years.

Submitted Photo. Pictured is our 2015-2016 superior symphonic band. Their band director is Mr. Hank carter.

We asked a few members How does it feel to be superior?, and their responses were…

Submitted Photo. Straight Superiors! Our symphonic band got superiors this past Wednesday at LGPE.

Michelle Tran- “We worked hard, and when marching band season was over, I was excited for symphonic band. I wanted to get straight superiors just like we did during marching band season. Of course there were a lot of bulbs in the road, but we pulled through and I’m so proud of our band. Also a big thanks to Mr.Carter for not giving up on us, because trust me, he really wanted to.”

Nyiem Dailey- “I feel really good that all our hard work didn’t go to waste; that we didn’t get yelled at for nothing. Every time it was for a reason, to help improve us. I’m proud to be a part of the 2016-2016 marching band.”

Kayla Matthews- “I feel like the queen of the world. All the late night practices and all the going over the same things over and over. It was all worth it when we saw Mr. Carter run to us telling us we got straight superiors. I’m so happy that I was able to be apart of that experience with my friends.”

Source: Hank Carter

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