5 Reasons Why Pocket Rocks Should Not Exist

Written By: Holt Bigelow

Recently, ‘pocket rocks’ have been making their way through our campus. While some of my fellow classmates might think this is an amazing trend that will live on, I must disagree. Let’s take a look at the five reasons why this pocket rock nonsense must be stopped.   

  1. The pocket rock leader forcefully puts rocks into people’s pockets.

Kayla Matthews has openly admitted to putting rocks into people’s pockets without them knowing. Other anonymous sources have told me that the only reason they put rocks in their pockets is because they were afraid of her.

image (1)
Photo by: Amber Greehill // Pictured: Raine Phillips



  1. It’s probably the most pointless trend of all time.

The rocks have no purpose whatsoever. They are so small that you can’t use them to weigh down anything or have them for any other purpose other than to have them in your pocket.


  1. The trend is perpetuating the effects of peer pressure.

One of the main reasons that this trend exists is because of peer pressure. Why are we letting something perceived as bad as peer pressure wreak havoc upon our school? Some may say this is harmless, but I see it as gateway peer pressure, it may not seem harmful right now but it can lead to harmful consequences.


image (2)
Photo by: Amber Greenhill // Pictured: Raine Phillips


  1. Pocket rocks can be dangerous.

Many a time has a stray rock come across my path and I think “What if that had hit me?” I can only imagine how I would feel if one actually did come into contact with my forehead: I’d probably have a small stinging on my head and I might be slightly upset with the person who threw the rock at me. Again, pocket rocks can be extremely dangerous.


  1. Some of the followers don’t even know why they are carrying rocks.

Students just have rocks in their pockets for no reason. They are just mindless sheep fulfilling a pointless task given by a dictatorial leader. This trend is distancing us even further from mental consciousness. Twenty years from now, when the whole world is 1984, think back to pocket rocks–the catalyst for a mindless generation.

image (3)
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PS. If you don’t know that the last sentence was an allusion to a book written by George Orwell, it may already be too late.




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