5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Pocket Rock


Written by: Kayla Mathews

Recently I, your SGA president, have started a trend. This trend is entitled ‘pocket rocks’ . Most pessimistic people think that this idea is dumb. I, on the contrary, think it is simply amazing. I shall now give you five reasons why you SHOULD have a pocket rock.

Pocket Rocks
Photo by: Haley Owens         Kayla Matthews and Lanier Green showing how cool pocket rocks can be.


1. It’s like having a pet in your pocket all day.
Almost everyone loves pets, sadly you cannot take them everywhere or you’re parents won’t allow you to have one. With pocket rocks you can have a loyal companion at no cost and you can take it anywhere. When life isn’t treating you well, all you have to do is go into your pocket and find a little ray of sunshine.

2. The rock can be used as tool to remember something.
If you have a busy schedule, this could be a great tool. Just think of the event or thing that you need to remember and put a rock in your pocket. You will later find this rock and remember whatever it is you need to remember.

3. It can be a source of good fortune.
There are certain stones that have meanings. They can give you good luck. I know some people are skeptical about luck, but one day I forgot my pocket rock and I shattered my iPad. Coincidence? I think not. Student, Tanner Baptisa, forgot his pocket rock at home and lost his baseball game 10-2. His exact words after that were ” Okay, I won’t forget it again.” You can never have too much luck, kids

Pocket Rocks
Photo by: Haley Owens.   Best friends Tanner Baptista and Kayla Matthews show off their cool rocks.



4. You can customize them.
One of the funniest parts of having a pocket rocks is the customization process. You don’t have to customize it, but if you do choose to, there are endless possibilities. You can name it whatever you want; my pocket rocks (yes plural) are named Lilith, Pablo, Jimmy, and Sir Snicklfritz. There are so cool many names out there it may take a while to find your rock’s perfect name. You can also paint your rock. Whatever color fits the personality you have attached to that rock. The sky is the limit.

  1. They bring people together.

I have witnessed several occasions of students looking at their pocket rocks together and joking around about them. Even students who don’t like each other very much are communicating peacefully.

Pocket Rocks
Photo by: Haley Owens     Pocket rocks can bring anyone together.

P.S. There’s a person who’s against pocket rocks, and their name shall not be mentioned, but they don’t know anything about anything.

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