Zootopia Review

Written By: Malica Casey

Of the many companies that find their film-making success in crafting loveable, child-friendly movies, Disney tops the list, making memorable movies that will withstand their place in the minds of all for decades. Zootopia is not only a decent movie among their ranks, but no exception to the memorable reputation of all the Pixar films. Zootopia’s success as a movie lies within several factors: the art and well-done visuals, the excellent writing, and the extreme level of detail and thought put into the characters and plot.

Zootopia, even to those who may be pessimistic about the plot or chosen themes of the movie, cannot deny the visuals in the movie are absolutely stunning. Every character, from ear to claw, is well designed and animated to the point of being able to see the detailed hairs on the furry heads of the Zootopia residents. Any part of the movie could be pulled, out of context, and their would be no complaint about the sheer quality of the film.

The detail of the characters and scenery is well presented in this photo, as well as presents the most loveable characters of the movie. Photo Via: http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s–LIP6SK70–/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/venocozy5fq5cocq27zb.jp

The quality of the writing is undeniably good as well. The movie, thouh having serious themes and action bits, is sprinkled with the ability to make anyone of any age laugh. They use real life and popular culture concepts and give them a Zootopian twist, with a hint of sprinkled humor. This can be seen in many of the characters and jokes and sets up the movie to be continuously funny, even in moments of seriousness.

The best characteristic of the movie, however, in my opinion, is the theme behind the movie. The overlining concept within the movie lines within a sort of social commentary on how modern society assumes a lot about groups of people and generalizes people with stereotypes. This is expressed in the movies use of the prey and predatory animals, and any well-informed individual can draw parallels between the scenarios in the movie and real-life, being that there is a lot of discrimination based upon things that should not remotely matter in the modern world.

Regardless of age, Zootopia is an excellent movie, with great art, writing, and themes; and it sets a boundary for any of the upcoming family movies with plans to release this year.

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